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A vast amount of relevant, interesting, funny, recommendable….pages exists on the net – in fact there is a real danger of your build being slowed by being caught up in the world wide web… so get into the workshop now and produce some airplane parts…

HOWEVER do remember to apply a critical mindset to everything you see and read – not all that glitters is gold – and only YOU (and the laws of physics) can be the final judge on the validity of methods, materials, modifications, procedures… etc. (Applies for what you read on my page as well…)

Below are some of the links I have found most useful during my research and building – along with a small description of contents as well as my rating of the page/resource (Links open in new window)

DB-SmallWorth a read

DB-SmallDB-SmallVery useful

DB-SmallDB-SmallDB-Small MUST read

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